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5 Tips To Keep Your Central Heating On This Winter

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Central heating is essential in the colder months. It ensures your home remains a comfortable temperature and your teeth aren’t chattering when the temperature drops.

To keep you warm your central heating works hard for you, and can feel the effects of wear and tear if not properly maintained. To make sure you don’t get left in the cold here are the Eddie Plumbing tips for keeping your central heating in tip top condition this winter.

1. Keep your boiler on constant

Whilst not a permanent fix, as this temporary measure will have an effect on your heating bill, this tip will help particularly during a cold snap. When the temperature plummet it helps to switch your boiler to its constant setting instead of a timer, and set the temperature to a low 15-16 degrees. This means your home will never fall below this comfortable temperature and your pipes will not freeze over in the event of a cold snap.

2. Maintain your boilers condensation pipe

Even a fully maintained boiler will have difficulties if its condensation pipe freezes. Your condensation pipe works by condensing water vapour within the boilers exhaust gasses. In cold weather there is a possibility that the water within this pipe can freeze.

Luckily a frozen condensation pipe is not a difficult fix, and even easier to maintain. To prevent the pipe freezing you can lag it by wrapping it in old towels and rags.  An even better option is foam pipe insulation which you can get from most hardware stores. Be careful of sizes when buying as they need to be measured and cut to fit properly.

3. Turn up your boiler thermostat

When the weather takes a turn for the worse, it’s a good idea to turn up your boiler thermostat up a bit higher. By this we do not mean your room thermostat you find in your living room or hallway, but the one attached to your boiler. We say this because sometimes people do not have their boiler set high enough, and do not feel the full effects of their central heating because of this. When the cold snap is over, you can turn your thermostat back down to a normal temperature.

4. Service your boiler before the cold hits

The best way to prevent your boiler failing you is to have it serviced before the winter really kicks in. This will check your boiler and central heating for any common faults, and ensure they are fixed before your boiler is put to the test.

If you do not have your boiler serviced, then you may find that your central heating is not working efficiently leaving you shivering. At Eddie Plumbing Services, we offer an annual boiler service to give it a thorough examination and fix problems we may come across. We also offer a free, no obligation quote as well as no call out charge.

5. Power Flush Your System

A power flush is a fantastic way to clear out any dirt and debris that may be clogging up your heating system. When heating systems (particularly older ones) have been in operation for a number of years, they may start to get clogged up with a slime which is comprised of dirt and other nasty things. This slime will lead to cold spots on your radiator, which is inefficient for heating your home.

The best way to clear this debris is to use a technique called a power flush, which send water and cleaning chemicals around your heating system at a high pressure. This dislodges the slime and makes your system more efficient.

Eddie Plumbing Services are experienced in clearing out clogged heating systems by using the power flush technique. For more information, please visit our disclaimer page or give us a call on 0800 955 6065.

Maintaining your boiler is the best way to keep out the cold during the winter. By following these tips, you can ensure that your home is fully equipped to deal with the temperature drop without your home turning into an ice box. If you would like some more information about Eddie Plumbing Services, please visit our contact page. Or alternatively, get a quick quote if you require plumbing assistance.