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Every season brings with it a fresh batch of plumbing problems that you need to prepare for. By staying vigilant against leaks, blockages and breakdowns, you can tackle these early on and save yourself from costly repair bills. With Summer approaching, he..


Winter always poses some problems for your pipes. Low temperatures lead to freezing which leads to bursting. It’s generally a bad time for households that are not prepared for the chillier months. Winter plumbing problems are always preventable, so itâ€..


High water pressure can cause damage to your boiler as well as pipes running water in your home. This can be caused by high water pressure in the boiler. Most boilers handle the water pressure when you run the hot water in your home. If you find your wate..


Houses that rely on gas central heating to keep them warm tend to have water filled radiators to manage the temperature. The radiator is the final part of your central heating system, so it is important to keep it well maintained.  One of the regular mai..

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Finding a Plumber in Reading or anywhere in Berkshire is sometimes a decision which takes up our time. The majority of us choose a plumber we have used in the past or recommended by a friend or family member. At Eddie plumbing services we offer a free con..


What Is a Powerflush?


What Is a Powerflush? Boilers play an important role in our everyday lives ensuring our homes are warm and we have hot water on demand.  However, during the Winter months they get put under extra strain as cold chills prompt us to crank up the heating to..

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