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wet room

Pros & Cons of Wet Rooms

Here at Eddie Plumbing Services, one of the most common requests we get is to install a wet room in a customers’ home. Wet ..

heating radiator installation

Bleeding Your Radiators

Houses that rely on gas central heating to keep them warm tend to have water filled radiators to manage the temperature. The radi..

plumber checking boiler before powerflush

What Is a Powerflush?

What Is a Powerflush? Boilers play an important role in our everyday lives ensuring our homes are warm and we have hot water on d..

Frozen rudder mechanism, water tap. icy surface with icicles. soft focus

Common Winter Plumbing Problems

Winter always poses some problems for your pipes. Low temperatures lead to freezing which leads to bursting. It’s generally a b..


Finding Plumbers in Reading

Finding a Plumber in Reading or anywhere in Berkshire is sometimes a decision which takes up our time. The majority of us choose ..