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Four Common Summer Plumbing Problems

Male Plumber Repairing Sink In Bathroom

Every season brings with it a fresh batch of plumbing problems that you need to prepare for. By staying vigilant against leaks, blockages and breakdowns, you can tackle these early on and save yourself from costly repair bills.

With Summer approaching, here are four common plumbing problems to keep a look out for so you can take early action:

  1. Boiler Breakdowns and Leaks

Just because the weather is getting warmer, doesn’t mean that we don’t need a little bit of heating every now and then, particularly when evenings turn a little chilly. And can you imagine the struggle you would have in the morning without any hot water? Boiler breakages and leaks are just as annoying and inconvenient in the summer as at any other time in the year.

With the warmer summer weather meaning you tend to use your heating less than normal, now is the perfect time to book a full boiler service, or power flush, to ensure that you aren’t left in the cold through all 365 days of the year.

  1. Blocked Waste Disposal Systems

Despite the fact that disposal systems are not found in every home, for those that do have them installed blockages can be a common problem. Whilst waste disposal systems are usually effective at breaking up food so that it can easily pass through your pipes, they can get clogged up with grease and hard foods which can lead to further damage needing costly repair.

Regular cleaning is paramount in stopping your waste disposal system from clogging, this ranges from simply running the tap through it for around 10 seconds, to a full servicing.

  1. Washing Machines

If you have children, the summer months mean muddy knees and freshly laundered clothes that get dirty again minutes after being put on.

Because of the increased workload your washing machine will be going through, it may start to feel the strain and break down. It is important to ensure that a professional washing machine experts does a thorough servicing of your washing machine to diagnose and repair faults, as well as check the connecting pipes to ensure that your washing machine is in top working order.

  1. Blocked Waste Pipes and Drains

Dirt and waste combined with warm temperatures can lead to an awful smell from your pipes and drains used to remove waste from kitchens and bathrooms. This is especially true if there is a drought, meaning there is significantly less water moving through your pipes that could be washing the dirt and waste away. There is also the potential problem of leaves or dirt causing blockages.

Unfortunately there aren’t many ways to prevent your pipes from smelling or blocking. If your pipes do block, then you should always get a professional to fix the problem for you. If you pay for a less than professional job, you may find this causes more harm than good as the plumber you call may actually damage the pipes further whilst trying to fix them.

Eddie Plumbing Services combines professional knowledge with exceptional customer service. We do not charge a call out fee and aim to reach all emergency call outs within two hours.

To book a plumbing repair or service, or need help with a plumbing emergency this Summer call Eddie Plumbing Services on 0800 955 6065.