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7 Signs That Your Boiler Needs Replacing

Radiator thermostat being turned up

Your boiler is the epicentre of your heating system. When it breaks, or begins to run less efficiently, you will instantly notice it. A lot of the time all your boiler needs is a simple servicing, or some minor issues fixed. In serious instances, your boiler may need a full re-fit. This may sound like a real headache, but it could save you money on constant plumber call-outs and expensive heating bills.

Here are 7 signs that your boiler may need replacing.

1. Your Boiler’s Energy Efficiency is Below an A Rating

Modern boilers come with an energy rating on a scale on A-G. The rating of your boiler determines how energy efficient it is. An A rated boiler runs at 90% efficiency, and a G rated boiler runs at 70% efficiency. By switching to a more efficient boiler, you could save money on your energy bills.

2. Your Boiler Is More Than 15 Years Old

Most boilers have an average product lifetime of around 15 years. If properly serviced and maintained, your boiler could beat that and last a few more years. It is important to stay up to date with current technologies, and there have been a lot of upgrades introduced over the last 5 years. This means that if your old boiler needs a part replacing it could be hard to source, leading to a higher repair cost and a longer time without heating and hot water.

3. Your Boiler Takes a Long Time to Heat Up

If your boiler is taking too long to heat up, then there is likely a problem. This may not mean a full boiler re-fit, but a boiler repair at the very least. Most modern boilers heat up almost instantly, so a long heat up time is a definite sign of a problem.

4. Your House Does Not Feel Warm, Even with The Heating On

If you have the heating on full blast, but still feel a chill, then there is definitely a problem. This is the same kind of problem as the boiler taking a while to warm up, as most modern boilers do it instantly. As an accredited plumber, we can source the problem by testing all parts of your central heating system. If there is no problem with your radiators, then the problem probably lies with your boiler.

5. Your Pilot Light Burns Yellow, Not Blue

Pilot lights should always burn blue. If yours does not, then it could be a sign of Carbon Monoxide. It is an odourless, and colourless gas that makes it very difficult to detect without equipment. Carbon Monoxide is a very harmful gas, and can replicate symptoms of flu at low levels. At high levels, it can cause extreme breathing problems and can even prove fatal.

Because of this we always suggest that you have a Carbon Monoxide alarm fitted as a precaution.

If you notice a change in pilot light colour, then an emergency call to the plumber is the recommended first call of action.

6. Your Boiler Needs Frequent Repairs

If you find that your boiler needs servicing more than once a year, it could be a sign that it is approaching the end of its product life-cycle. Frequent repairs that start to mount up, can be very frustrating, and costly, for a homeowner. The need for a new boiler is especially prudent if the constant fixes are more than just general maintenance.

7. Maintenance Costs Are On The Up

If you find that the amount you’re paying for regular boiler maintenance is on the up this indicates that it may be time to think about getting your boiler replaced.  Old boilers cost more with frequent repairs, hard to find parts and demanding more energy to heat your home.  Whilst the initial outlay may seem expensive, in the long run a new energy efficient boiler will prove a cost effective addition to your home.

Boilers are one of the homes great workhorses. They efficiently heat our homes on demand for around 15 years, and only ask for yearly servicing. However, like most appliances boilers have a product lifetime and will eventually need replacing.

If you believe you boiler is suffering from any of the above problems, please give Eddie Plumbing Services on 0800 955 6065.  We’ll be happy to talk through the problems or provide a quick quote for a new boiler for your home.