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What Is a Powerflush?

plumber checking boiler before powerflush

What Is a Powerflush?

Boilers play an important role in our everyday lives ensuring our homes are warm and we have hot water on demand.  However, during the Winter months they get put under extra strain as cold chills prompt us to crank up the heating to ensure a cosy home. The increased workload can lead to boiler breakdowns, which can also be attributed to blockages in your system. This is usually due to rust and sludge which needs to be flushed out to prevent further damage.

The powerflush is one of the most efficient ways of clearing out your boiler and central heating system. By flushing out the system, you are actively preventing the build-up of corrosive elements which can, in time, lead to a breakdown.

Signs That Your System Needs A Powerflush

There are a number of signs that show that your heating system could benefit from a powerflush to restore your boiler’s efficiency:

  • Cold spots on your radiators
  • Excessive boiler noise
  • Discoloured water when you bleed your radiators
  • Cloudy tap water

It is also beneficial to carry out a power flush when you are having your boiler replaced. This is because new boilers use a condensing method, and may disturb any contaminants already present in your pipes. These contaminants could then damage your new boiler.

How Does a Powerflush Work?

The core component of any heating system is the boiler. When you have your boiler replaced or renewed, it must be cleansed to a code of practice that is set out by the Boiler Manufacturers’ Benchmark Scheme.

At Eddie Plumbing Services, we use purpose built power flushing pumps which are designed to dislodge and clear any sludge or debris in your heat system pipes. This ensures that your heating system meets its codes of practice.

The number one goal of a powerflush is to return a heating systems circulation to 100% efficiency. It does this by connecting a high flow/low pressure pumping unit to the circulation pump on your boiler. Strong cleaning chemicals are added to the circulation of water to ensure a complete cleanse.

The chemicals that are used normally include a crust breaker and remover, a de-scaler, and a corrosion inhibitor. These chemicals help to break down any sludge or debris that is attached to the pipes, to break down any limescale, and to prevent further pipe corrosion.

How Can A Powerflush Help Me?

By having a qualified plumber conduct a powerflush, you are ensuring that your heating system is working to 100% efficiency. If you do not have your system power flushed then your system will continue to decline in efficiency and your home will be wasting energy. This is because you are heating up your boiler but your home will stay cold.

It is important to ensure the efficiency of your boiler and heating system. The best way to do this is through a powerflush to dislodge any sludge or debris that could be in your pipes. If you believe that your heating system could benefit from a powerflush, or you wish to know some more information, then please feel free to contact Eddie Plumbing Services on 0800 955 6065 for a free quote.